What If... - Reviewed by Teresa

Expect the unexpected!

In these short stories Anne Wilson takes everyday situations and adds an otherworldly twist.

Suited for a bedtime read or for a brief commute to work, each tale, sad or sinister, is a self contained gem.

Should be on radio or TV but perhaps with a trigger warning for the faint of heart.

Loved it!

What If... - Reviewed by Sarah C.


The author weaves a thrilling web with her prose, creating delightful pocket worlds to entice and entrance the reader. These are stories that linger long in the mind after reading.

What If... - Reviewed by Graham and Toni Slater

Don’t read this late at night!

This collection of short stories has a common theme of life, death and after-life. Anne Wilson has a tremendous talent for painting pictures with words, giving extraordinary detail to the stories.

Clever twists add to the haunting and sometimes disturbing tales, at times difficult to read, but more difficult to put down! This book will send shivers down your spine...

What If... - Reviewed by Camo Coffey

A collection of faintly twisted elegies...

Ms Wilson writes in a gently elegiac style, with a subtly dark twist in each tale. I wouldn't class it as horror per se, but more character studies of the lost and forgotten.

Her stories are peopled with nostalgic figures wistfully recalling their pasts, their obsessions, regrets, and things left undone.

What If... - Reviewed by Stu

What marvellous writing.

Descriptiveness is wholly engrossing. Very much looking forward to reading all the shorts - first three so far.

What If... - Reviewed by Robin W.

Good read.

Don’t usually read short stories but these are actually quite good!